Diamond Sponsor: Comarch


Comarch has more than 20 years of experience in helping global companies to achieve higher profitability, and therefore understands the importance of changes taking place in contemporary cities.

The state-of-the art technologies, geolocation with micro-navigation, multi-channel access to the Internet and the growing needs of users make it necessary to design a comprehensive solution that combines an individual approach to clients, strategic planning and advanced analytical capabilities. The Smart City concept is based on the company’s past experiences: from loyalty systems, electronic data interchange and sales support, to IT and IoT infrastructure and other advanced uses of technology in business. Designing tools for generic location-based services and developing smart strategies are the priorities for every implementation. Thanks to this, Comarch Smart City creates an integrated space where the experiences and needs of users are linked with events from the participating institutions, including public transportation authorities, city councils and other private partners, regardless of their business profile.