Julian Lee

Julian Lee

CEO & Co-Founder, Ambi Labs

Julian is the founder and CEO of Ambi Labs, a Hong Kong-based IoT start-up. Inspired by the concept of "Ambient Intelligence", the Ambi Labs team believes that truly smart technology is intuitive and seamless - fading into the background and augmenting the user's lifestyle. Its flagship product, Ambi Climate, is an award-winning air conditioning add-on device that uses AI to learn user’s habits and auto-adjusts the ACs to the ideal temperature, offering personalised comfort and an eco-friendly home environment to user. 

Julian has been in strategy consultancy and private equity for over a decade and is passionate about changing the paradigm of how consumers interact with common household appliances for better usability. His focus is on developing the long-term vision for Ambi Labs and its products, as well as to ensure the team is well supported to achieve their goals day-to-day. Prior to founding Ambi Labs, he assisted and invested in companies ranging from start-ups to listed multinationals across a broad spectrum of industries including telecommunications, natural resources, electronics, biotech, healthcare and agriculture. 

Julian holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Meng) from Imperial College London.